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Guided tours

Ecuador is well-known for its magnificent, varying landscapes with sun, sea and beach, the impressive Andes, the jungle and the Galápagos islands

"Casita Belga" offers the possibility to make a guided tour through Ecuador. With "Casita Belga" as your base camp, it is easy to visit each part of Ecuador. Some of Ecuador's highlights that are usually visited are the Andes (Quiyo, Otavalo, Riobamba, Cuenca, …). Also the tropical rainforest (Puyo and Tena) are easily accessible from Guayaquil. Furthermore, the seaside is on less than a day drive distance from "Casita Belga", and even the Northern part of Peru can be accessed easily.

We arrange a guide, transportation, hotels and (if requested) also the meals. The trip is tailor-made to your requirements, so you can determine the itinerary, the timing and the budget.

email Casita Belga - casa de voluntarios - Av. Principal 216 D - Jardines del Salado - Guayaquil